Saturday, October 23, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Contribute to CHRW's Fundraising 2010

CHRW's 2010 Fundraising runs from now until Oct 31/2010 at the London Record Show. This is your chance to donate to our local (London Ontario) radio station and help us keep our equipment up to date and keep everything running smoothly. This past year, our transmittor was replaced with a brand new digital unit, replacing our old tube (yep, really and the tube was NOT cheap to replace) to bring you better over the air sound. This year we're working on getting better equipment to do live to airs from events around London.

Here's the link to contribute online:

Or you can phone 519-661-3600 during any show and talk to a live DJ/host to make your pledge.

Now here's 10 reasons (there's lots more, but these sprung to my typing fingers) why you should contribute if you're a regular listener of Radio What Wave...

1. We’ve had some of the coolest guests on air since the last fundraising event…Joe Shithead of DOA, Paul Robinson and John Catto of The Diodes, Liz Worth (author of Treat Me Like Dirt) twice, Gary Pig Gold (Editor of Treat Me Like Dirt), Frank Ridsdale (man about town and responsible for getting punk bands into the Cedar Lounge back in early 1978 plus Frank played Shake Some Action on air solo!!!), Lonesome Ghost (played live in the studio), The Oily Birds (played acoustic in the onair studio), Sonic Avenues, Rocket Reducers, Peter Gripp (The Living Deadbeats) and The Baketones (Halifax garage combo).

2. We put shows on around town featuring artists that get played on Radio What Wave regularly….since our last fundraiser we’ve presented events with (or co-presented events with other CHRW shows or Speed City Records); Paul Collins Beat, Walnut Kids, Mother’s Children, 905’s, Lonesome Ghost, Shanker and Romps, Can-Too’s, The Skirt Chasers, Will Crum, The Famines, Cordcalling, Kirk Special, The White Wires, Sonic Avenues, Rocket Reducers, Gerry Alvarez Odyssey, The Evil Farm Children and The Hook Up.

3. We play requests….you wouldn’t believe some of the obscure requests we get and usually, but not always we can find the song and play it the following week.

4. Every once in awhile we fire up the old cassette decks and play stuff that you will not hear anywhere else….the What Wave archives has well over 2000 tapes of demos, live shows and who knows what else. Live shows of many bands recorded right here in London Ontario.

5. We play records….from the What Wave record room. A room that is literally filled with vinyl, tapes and CD’s as anyone that has seen can attest to. We’ve been collecting records since long before most of you were born. And still actively buying them to this day.

6. Tributes….this year one of our brothers in the trenches of garage rock passed away and we had to do a full show tribute for him….Greg Johnson, of The Fiends, The Worst and many other fine garage combos. Not one of our favourite things to do, but we someone has to pay tribute to the fallen. We've also had to do tributes to Ron Asheton and Lux Interior in the recent past.

7. Specials…some of the specials I can remember since the last fundraising event were; Canpunk (2 part all Canadian punk from the late 70’s/early 80’s), all Canadian show, all powerpop show and a 2 person band only show.

8. Exclusives…several times this past year we’ve had the honour of being the very first radio show in the world to play songs…ie Gerry Alvarez Odyssey, The Baketones and many others.

9. We’re onair almost every Thursday night from 7 to 8:30PM….it’s pretty rare that we miss a show but it does happen due to circumstances beyond our control.

10. Radio What Wave is ONLY heard on CHRW….and we’re just one of MANY cool shows that get played on CHRW. In The Red, Bandaloop Radio, Just Another Punk Show, Shakin’ Katz, Magical Mystery Mondays, Life In Plastic and many others are all shows that you should listen to regularly here on CHRW.

PLUS, we've got a big CHRW Fundraising Event this thursday....Battle Of The 2 Piece Bands Part 4 at Moon Over Marin starting at 7PM. Starring The Famines (Edmonton), Lonesome Ghost (Aylmer) and Cordcalling (London) and it'll all be over by 11PM so you can get to work the next day.