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Radio What Wave Playlist Mar 28/2013

Radio What Wave Playlist, March 28th 2013. Canpunk From Ontario and Quebec Special
This is an all Canpunk special, starting in the 60's and moving forwards covering Ontario and Quebec. We ran outta time long before we ran outta tunes on this one and we'll play some of the tunes we didn't get to on the next show. Also screwed up in this one way more than wouldn't be a Radio WW without a bunch of screwups!!!
1. The Ugly Ducklings...Nothin'...from the Somewhere Inside CD on Pacemaker. The Ducks recorded live on CHUM AM. Did you know that the guy running Pacemaker used to be a DJ on CHRW? Peter Burnside, who did a show back in the early days of CHRW.
2. The Ugly Ducklings...Just In Case You fave 7" by The Ducks and the first one i ever bought, back in 1968. There was a sale on at Sayvette (long defunct department store chain) and they had literally thousands of singles on sale for something like 10 for a buck. My mom let me pick out 10 and the Ducks single was one of them.
3. David Clayton Thomas with The Bossmen...Brainwashed...from the Made In Canada LP series. David went on to worldwide fame in Blood Sweat and Tears. Got to meet him when he was in London a coupla years back and he autographed several of my DCT records.
4. A Passing Fancy...I'm Losing Tonight...from the Ugly Pop 7" re-ish. Ya, i played this one last week and maybe the week's a great song!!
5. Ronnie Hawkins...Who Do You Love?...from the Rockin' LP. That's The Band backing up Ronnie in this one, right before they went on to back up Bob Dylan.
6. The Scarlet Ribbon...4 In The Morning...from the After 4 compilation LP. After 4 was a teen show on CTV where they would have bands come on and play live (or was it lip synch). It was based out of Toronto and Ronnie Lane and the Disciples were their house band.  More trivia, The Scarlet Ribbon were actually The Quiet Jungle, a band that release a couple of Yorkville singles. Yorkville (Yorktown) Records were owned by ARC Records. A Canadian label responsible for releasing crappy cover type records (the hits performed by anonymous bands) that made it appear you were purchasing the more famous bands doing their hits. Make sense? From what i can figure, The Quiet Jungle were the house band for ARC Records as they recorded the Eddie Shack song (huge hit on CHUM AM in 1966) as well as a Christmas LP that has Snoopy on the cover. Supposedly the Christmas Snoopy LP has some really cool fuzz guitar on it.
7. The Quiet Jungle...Everything...from Nightmares From The Underworld. Nightmares was a 2 LP set put out by Andre Gibault, a huge fan of 60's garagepunk. He also wrote 2 books on Canadian records where there is an emphasis on the 60's garagepunk era.
8. The King Bees...Little Girl....from Infernal World Volume 2 compilation LP. The King Bees were from Belleville Ontario, between Toronto and Montreal. All of the bands prior to this were from Toronto and now we move east to Montreal, who had a HUGE 60's garagepunk scene.
9. The Haunted...1 2 5...original version on the AMY label. At a London record show in the late 80's, the former manager of The Haunted showed up and he had multiple copies of this record and the next one for sale....WW resident artist Dave Clarke and myself scooped up copies of these.
10. The Haunted...Mona...on the Jet Records label, this was the label of The Haunted's manager.
11. Les Miserables...Miserablement Votre....from Trans World Punk Rave Up Volume 2 compliation LP.
12. Les Belairs...Les Degonfles...from a cassette called Quebec The Psych/Punk Era 1965-1969. Got this cassette from Midnight Records many years ago...assume that JD Martignon probably had something to do with it.
13. Les Sinners...Nice Try...from Pebbles Volume 13. You may have heard The Gruesomes cover this song.
14. Bohemians...I Need You Baby...from Nightmares From The Underworld. Montreal had 2 distinct garagepunk scenes, an English and a French and rarely would the 2 cross paths. For a really good story on The Haunted, our pal Alex Taylor has an article in the latest Ugly Things on The Haunted and it delves into the time period with a fair bit of's recommended reading for Radio WW listeners.
15. Don Norman...Lowman...from a cassette compilation called Sir John A Records, put out by Alex Taylor. We've left Montreal and are stopping briefly in Ottawa for this song.
16. Satan and The D Men...She'll Lie....from the compilation LP, Winnipeg 1965-1966. Nope, Satan didn't come from Winnipeg, actually Kenora Ontario, way up north of Lake Superior. It was easier for Satan to record in Winnipeg than Toronto. This LP came out on Voxx Records, part of the Bomp Record empire of Greg Shaw.
17. Jim Ashby....Speed City....on Speed City Records and from sleepy London Ontario. We've left the 60's behind and we're into the desolate and boring early 70's. In my humble opinion, this is the best record to ever come out of London Ontario.
Jim Ashby playing at Call The Office, 4/21/2007
18. Simply Saucer....Electro Rock....from the Cyborgs Revisited LP. Recorded in the mid 70's, but wasn't released until the very late 80's. Thanx to The Mole for the work he did to get this one out! Simply Saucer were either 10 years behind their time or 20 years ahead. They pre-dated the punk movement and never did fit into it. And they still play out once in a blue moon.
Simply Saucer at Call The Office 6/19/2008. Only about a dozen to see this show.
19. Rough Trade...Butch...from the Rough Trade Live LP. They may not sound like anything else on this show, but Rough Trade helped spawn the Toronto punk scene with their black leather, S&M themes and stage show. Just listen to the lyrics of this song, it's all about a guy getting in shape so he could rape...totally fucked.
20. Teenage Head...Picture My Face...recorded live at The Spoke at Western University 2/18/81. It was played live over the airwaves of CHRW, profanity, slander and all! This was back in the days prior to CHRW appearing on cable and only a few of us could listen. I taped this live off the radio and parts of this recording have appeared on Teenage Head bootlegs. Teenage Head were the first of the so called punk bands from Ontario.
Gord Head and Mike Desadist at TAIH, Hamilton 1/20/10 for the Treat Me Like Dirt release party.
21. The Demics...Nervous Breakdown...from Slippery's Club Hits. The Demics were the first punk band from sleepy London Ontario.
22. The Regulators...Brainless Wonder...from Slippery's Club Hits. Another of the very first punk bands from London Ontario. The Regulators released one 7" on Ready Records.
23. The Bureaucrats...Grown Up Age...from a recent Ugly Pop Records 7" re-ish. Now we're in Ottawa, which had a fairly big late 70's punk scene.
24. The Action...TV's On The Blink....from the Slashing White Hot LP on Rave Up Records. The Action re-formed a coupla years back and did a few shows around.
25. Restless Virgins...Television Child...from one of their 2 singles. This features Jeb Bond, who later went onto one of our faves, The Evil Farm Children who broke up a year or so ago.
26. 222's....Academic Drop...from the She Wants Revenge LP on Rave Up Records. Now we're in Montreal, where 70's punk didn't catch on as much as the 60's garagepunk scene did. 
27. Electric Vomit...Boredom Abolishing...from a 7" and featured soon to be famous artist Rich Trembles who later showed up in American Devices.
28. The Viletones....Little Girl...from A Taste Of Honey CD, which collected a bunch of recordings from 1977. There's a big article on The Viletones in the latest Ugly Things where guitarist Freddy Pompeii is interviewed and several myths are destroyed.
29. The Poles...CN Tower...from their only 7". Avoid the LP they released around the same time unless it comes with the single, then destroy the LP and keep the single.
30. The Government...Flat Tire...from their second 7". One of my fave bands from the Toronto punk scene and only got to see them once, right before they packed it in. These guys were into video and television long before anyone else.
31. The Spys....Underground...recently released by Ugly Pop Records, the original single came with 2 different sleeves. From Windsor Ontario and renamed themselves The Nelsons and gave handfulls of these singles away at a show at The Cedar Lounge many years ago.
32. Deja Voodoo....Big Scary Daddy....from the Cemetery LP. We've moved to the early 80's and Deja Voodoo were a major influence on the Canadian alternative music scene for most of the 80's. They formed their own record label, OG Records which released 5 volumes of the It Came From Canada series, as well as releasing records by The Gruesomes, UIC, Dik Van Dykes and many more. Many of these records reached the top of the Canadian college radio system. They packed it in in 1990 when CD's were starting to take over and they reached their best before date of 30 years old.
Deja Voodoo looking cool, outside WW HQ's fall 1984.
33. UIC...Shamrock Bang....from Slippery's Club Hits. UIC came out of Exeter Ontario, just north of sleepy London Ontario and didn't really sound like anybody else. They were high energy rock'n'roll and loved by the punks, the hardcore kids, the garageheads and anyone else who appreciated a really good rock'n'roll band.
Dan of UIC...yep, the negative is flipped as Dan is a lefty.
34, Flying Squad...Godzilla...from Slippery's Club Hits...from London Ontario and hated by as many as loved UIC. Flying Squad had a secret weapon in Tim Murphy who specialized in facial antics while he sang. It drove most people out the door, yet Tim could sing with the best of them. They were a band either 5 years behind the times or 10 years ahead and people either loved or hated them!. We were in the former camp and saw them countless times at local venues. Biker rock at it's best!
Tim Murphy of The Flying Squad in action at Key West Cafe, London Ontario.
35. Legend Killers...Strychnine...from Slippery's Club Hits...again from sleepy London Ontario, these guys put on some killer shows in their early days and released a 7" called Better Than Hammerin' (on WW Records). They are the only band to ever appear on every WW compilation cassette and record!
Legend Killers promo shot, 1989.
36.The Gruesomes...The Witch...from their first LP, Tyrants Of Teen Trash, originally on OG Records and just re-ished on Groovie Records outta Greece. The number one garagepunk combo from Canada in the 80's. These guys played London many many times and stayed at WW HQ's every time, eating all our junk food and watching way too much TV.
37. The Purple Toads...Gonna Have A Good Time...from their first LP on Star Records and they are from Oshawa. These guys always put on an entertaining show and kept the alcohol industry in business during their tenure.  They released one other LP and they are supposed to be re-uniting in the very near future.
The Purple Toads used for an ad. The Cheque is in the mail.
38. Dik Van Dykes...Roadwarrior...from the Nobody Likes...LP on OG records. This one goes out to anyone driving on the 401 as 'I'm the fucking asshole behind you on the 401..." For those not from this area,the 401 is the major highway that runs east west from Windsor to Montreal. Dik Van Dykes were the challenged band from Hamilton Ontario and proved that challenged is way better than being smart.
The Dik Van Dykes backup singers, The Pop Tarts.
39. Leather Uppers...She Digs Death....from a 7" they released. 2 piece combo outta Toronto that would re-surface up until a couple of years ago. They are the only band to be asked not to return for a second night of a weekend at the Brunswick Hotel in sleepy London. The Brunswick was the dive hotel where just about anyone could play, but the Leather Uppers were ahead of their time and not appreciated by the hotel management. I've got a live tape of part of their first set from that night....LOL...
Holy crap Batman, outta time....hope you enjoyed this 2.5 hour marathon of Canpunk from Ontario and Quebec. We'll play some more of this next week along with some new material that arrived this week...thanx for all the phone-ins (some to tell me i'm screwing up...LOL), emails, messages, request etc....All pictures copywrite WW Archives, please ask before using.
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