Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4/09

First Blog 7/4/09....que up The Boys singing 'First Time'....

OK, so this is the first blog from me under the Radio What Wave banner....for those that don't know, Radio What Wave is heard on CHRW 94.9 FM in London Ontario Canada, every Thursday from 7 to 8:30 PM....the shows are archived for 1 week only at:

Also, from the main page of the CHRW site, go to programming, click on Radio What Wave and you'll be taken to our myspace site where you can find all of the playlists. There's also a facebook page that lists upcoming events, pictures and the playlists as well and that's right here:

And then the official What Wave home page with pictures of all of the covers of WW, tape and record discographys, pictures and other stuff that really doesn't matter to anyone....and that link is:

OK, so that's all of the business out of the way. Dig that nice spiffy black background? No, we haven't gone goth or anything like that, it's just one of the templates a big show coming up tonite...yes tonite and this is the only advertising that there is gonna be. It's at the London Music Club on Colborne St, starts at 8:45 and is a surprise birthday party for's one of those big birthdays in which the number is a popular brand of beer...hint, it's a Canadian beer made by Labatt's. 2 Awesome bands playing, The Speaking Tongues who are an amazing 2 piece fucked blues/rock combo outta Toronto and The Evil Farm Children, a greasy rock'n'roll trio outta Ottawa...Killer show guaranteed.

Up above is The Speaking Tongues at Club Absinthe in Hamilton Ontario, June 2008. RIght after this pic was taken, The Speaking Tongues managed to pummel The Pack AD's drum kit into smithereens....ST's being gentlemen, replaced the damaged parts.

Our next big rockabilly show is Friday July 10th, Victoria Tavern, South St, London Ontario. This is show 5 in our continuing rockabilly series, Rockabilly Massacre V. This time out it's that greasy one man band from Montreal, Bloodshot Bill who will have copies of his just released, brand new record for sale at the show. Also on the bill, London's premier rockabilly combo, Duke Sedan and the Hi-Tones, plus, from Kitchener, The Greasemarks. This show has all the markings of being a classic show that you can't miss. And not only that, but free parking, no cover, cheap beer and a whole lotta can't beat that so come on down!

Above is Bloodshot Bill playing live over the airwaves on CHRW, June 2007...right before an early show at Call The Office.

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