Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Trip To The Brunswick......

Told a couple of people that we were gonna go to the Brunswick Hotel and see The Pack AD and the usual reaction're going to a burnt down bar?!? NOPE! The Brunswick on Talbot St in St Thomas Ontario, the Railway Capital of Canada and home of Jumbo The Elephant. Yep, only 20 minutes or so south of London, clear roads all the way...just keep an eye out for the wildlife.
Arrived at the place, nice spacious parking lot, fairly large looking building at a corner on the main drag. Went inside, old style tavern with multiple entrances, lots of pool tables, tables and a stage on the main drag side of the building. looks kinda scarey as the stage has this HUGE backdrop that covered the entire rear of the stage and there's lots of skulls, skeletons and other halloweenish type things on it. Gravestones and loads of skulls on the stage and LOUD heavy metalish type music screaming in the Ben Vaughn said 'Oh oh, wrong haircut'. Ya, I always stand out in a crowd as it is, but even moreso in a place like this...LOL. We had seen The Pack AD's van in the parking lot and lots of posters for them around the bar, so we knew we were at least in the proper place.
The first band came on, was expecting to be completely blown away by the magnitude of the volume, but no, they played quite well and the sound was REALLY good for what they were doing. Silver Screams was the name of the band and they brought a lot of semi punk/headbangers into the joint which was great for a wednesday nite.
Next up, this amazing 2 piece band outta Orangeville Ontario called The Dark Richard Show. 2 guys, one playing bass through numerous pedals and 2 huge amps and doing the singing and one guy drumming like his life depended on it. Way cool bass sounds, almost guitar like as these guys blew me away they were so good! It's such a pleasure and rarity to see a band you've never heard of and they turn out to be this good. They even did a version of The Velvets 'All Tomorrow's Parties' so obviously they've got good taste...see below for a picture.

No idea what the black tape for the sideburns and eyebrows is for, guess it's part of the gimmick. And the flowers, who knows, but they did give them to The Pack AD at the end of the nite. Nice guys and great band, hopefully we'll get them into London sometime soon.
Up next after a short break was The Pack AD...opened up with a brand new song and the remaining crowd was in the palm of the Pack AD's hand for the next 45 minutes or so. Stompin' and bashin' and trashin' their way through a high energy blues infused set of songs that I've seen and heard many times and never tire of. Becky was just on fire, jumpin all across the stage and screaming her lungs out, and the crowd ate it all up. And Maya hit those drums so hard, splinters were flying as the odd drum stick piece came flying off the stage. Man, they were SO GOOD!! And of course it ended all too soon as it was getting real late for a wednesday nite. The Pack AD certainly won over another town, as this was their first visit to St Thomas and most in the crowd had never seen the band before. A great show for sure and I'm certainly glad we came down for the show! Below is a pic of The Pack AD in action in St Thomas.

We got to meet lots of the locals at the show, who'd a thunk there'd be lots of Radio What Wave fans in St Thomas!! A big HEY to Mike the promoter for putting on this show and for getting a scene happening in St Thomas. Hey to the guy who's name i can't remember right now, who played in Hell's Half Acre, a band we saw many, many years ago at The Key West Cafe and were on one of the It Came From Canada comps...a real blast from the past! And HEY to the Dark Richard Show for blowing us away!!

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